Firstly I would like to make it very clear that had I been in a position to pay CASH ,I would have paid a considerable amount less for my system;but now being on a disability pension I found that the Certegy payment plan was going to suit me just perfectly without having to cut costs on my general living expenses,or break into my precious superannuation! Okay then, here I go….. As I live in one of the sunniest regions of our vast country,it makes such perfect sense to be using solar power if at all possible,which means that I have been considering Solar Power for several years, but was not in a position to afford installing it until recently.Last year I had all my electicals re-done and this involved a latest model ‘Solar-Ready’ Meter Box! Almost a month ago I saw a Full-colour flyer advertising Lumax Solar, which was in my letterbox,and after reading it thoroughly,I decided that it would be worth my while to see what their special offer was really going to do for me. I figured that a company which has the confidence to produce such a quality piece of advertising MUST have something going for it! I rang the toll free number and within 16 hours I had received a call to arrange an appointment with their consultant for the following work day.I had written down a huge list of relevant questions which I wished to get answers to,so my being fully prepared made the consultant’s job even easier.Vickie was so pleasant as well as knowledgeable,so I found out EVERYthing I wished to learn about the Lumax products best suited to my home and also to my own rather specialised personal use. The latter is very important as being ill and requiring Air Conditioning through the DAY rather than the night,I wanted to know that Solar Power was truly going to be a bigger benefit than I had previously believed it would. Vickie answered all my queries thoroughly and succinctly,without ever seeming to over-do things, as many salespeople seem so apt to do!! So I felt very comfortable when after we had examined all the issues relevant to THIS house,and MY power needs/usage, and she had worked out the costings,she then rang Leon to go through it all with him to double-check and also see what the very best price could be if I went ahead. I was so very surprised and delighted to find it could be done much cheaper than Vickie’s estimate,so it was well within my budget. I was even more thrilled that Lumax actually take care of EVERY detail from contacting Ergon to organising the installers and solar-experienced electrician to do the whole job,when it suited me.They actually phoned to say they could come a day earlier than planned if I was agreeable,so this was a further bonus as far as I am concerned. I was then informed that Ergon would ring me within 10 working days to organise a time do the switch-over for me,and sure enough this went like clockwork too. Then at 7.30a.m.,a couple of days later,my new Lumax Solar System was up and running, producing lovely clean FREE power for me! The Ergon man who flicked my simple solar-ready switch (for which there is no further charge,as I did not need any more new meters!)went through all sorts of advice and handy hints for me to get the most from using it,and told me that this is a VERY good system indeed which will serve me extremely well.Obviously this made my confidence level at having chosen Lumax,soar even higher! It has only been on for 4 days now,but I am already very impressed as I can see what a difference it is already making, with the amount of power going to the grid even with all the power I have been using! A huge thank you to every single member of the Lumax Team.You have done a brilliant job ,in a very professional manner,and I do recommend your company and products to everyone thinking of getting solar power. I would like to send you a further review after receiving my next bill which is due just weeks prior to Christmas,and then I will truly know how super it is having Solar Power!! My warm and sunny smiles to you all,along with the Thanks, Julie Drew in North Queensland.

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