Green loans

Going solar is easy,  with weekly repayments that can cost less than your solar saves you.

Your solar panel system will last for decades so why are you waiting?

Your power bill isn’t going away and just like renting a house, you’re getting nowhere fast.

With a ratesetter green loan you can go solar with zero deposit and easy repayments and invest in your future.

Solar works, it’s just that simple. Just like buying a house it’s an investment in your future.

Why pay the big energy companies when you can pay yourself?

Get 6.6kw of Solar from just $19 per week.  Zero deposit.

Ask us how!

  • One of the world’s largest peer-to-peer lenders with an unrivalled track record
  • Interest rates typically 4 – 8% lower than traditional lenders
  • Rapid approval times accompanied with outstanding customer service
  • Multi-Award-Winning Company within the financial and customer service sectors

The Federal Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation has invested $20 Million into RateSetter, marking the first investment by an Australian Government body through an Australian Peer-to-Peer lending platform

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