Great advice here

Getting the right advice when deciding on the right solar panel system is super important.

So many sharks out there trying to “flog” their single offering at the best profit with only one option?

C’mon .. its 2018… not the 60’s… customers want a genuine solution not a sales pitch…

Promises of “lowest price ever and best quality at the same time” ?

Are they serious? Not going to happen…. Sucker alert….

The price is going up tomorrow if you don’t sign today? Are they kidding?

Out motto is simple. “Give good honest advice. Find out what the customer needs and give it to them”

Sounds simple right?

Well  it is.    We know everything there is to know about solar so we don’t just “push” one product. We offer a solution based on what you need.

We don’t Hard sell anything… our solutions speak for themselves.. 

We are local Cairns solar panel providers in Mulgrave road.  It’s easy to come into our office for a chat.

  • Want a budget system ? no worries we can advise on the best value for money that will actually work.
  • Want the best?   Yep we can do it and at the best price.
  • Want a custom battery storage solution? You know we can!
  • Want a happy medium that lowers your bills and works like it should without breaking the bank? Ask us how..
  • Need a great finance solution that works for you? No problems..

We don’t “tell you what you need” we ask….

Just great advice, the right solution for you.. and the result you want.

Find a solution to your problem today.. We can help.

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