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What makes Q-Cell panels so good?

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What makes Q-Cell panels so good?

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Q-Cell are one of the oldest manufacturers in Solar. Founded in Germany in 1999 which means at the time of writing they have been around for  19 years.


They have been at the constant fringe of development and technology since opening. From creating their first true 6 inch cells in 2001 to winning innovation awards in 2017 for their super strength frames.

While there are many “up and coming competitors”  in the ever changing landscape of solar, Q-Cell have consistently over decades been in the top tiers of performance and reliability.

They are also, considering they are a top performing premium brand with such long history, a lot cheaper than some other premium brands like LG, Sun-power and REC.


So if your looking for a really good mix of high performance at a decent price, Q-Cell is pretty hard to go past.

My favorite in the range is the Q-Peak 305. I have them on my own house and can say from experience they are very high performance module. With the black frames they also look great.

They also have the Generation 5 Q-Pro which are also a high performance 6 busbar module which are a little cheaper than the Q-Peak and also an absolutely excellent performance model.



Above – The 305 QANTAM – Q-Peak.

They integrate Q-ANTAM technology. Q.ANTAM  is  Q CELLS   proprietary cell technology and supercharges ordinary crystalline solar cells and modules.

The rear surfaces of Q.ANTUM solar cells are treated with a special nano coating that functions much like a typical household mirror. Rays of sunlight that would otherwise go to waste are reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity. Q.ANTUM delivers exceptional performance under real-world conditions.

The technology is  more commonly known as as a PERC cell now days, many other premium brands have copied the technology and incorporate tier own version of it in their flagship models.

They are currently the largest solar cell manufacturer in the world and have four  R & D centers across the world.

Its quite common for panel manufacturers to “hail a single award”  from a single year and wave it madly as a show of their quality and performance.   I regularly see solar retail companies quoting photon specs etc from years and years ago as if is in any way relevant.

The key in my mind, is consistency over many years.  Q-Cell have consistently been at the top and consistently won awards.  Where they lead, the others tend to follow.

Above – Some of Q-Cells more recent awards 


As you have probably guessed by now, I’m a bit of a fan of the brand but I believe with very good reason.

One of the most impressive things about Q-Cell is their “real world performance”  This can be shown at Desert knowledge testing centre in Alice springs.

This location is a publicly available and online testing center that quite a few of the biggest brands, most notably LG have refused to be subjected too. (perhaps one would guess as they do not want their real performance to be publically available when vs other much panels.  A common phrase in marketing is “only fight battles you know you can win”


Here is a sample of Data from 2018  at the time of writing in June.

Above = Desert knowledge sample  performance Data.   Blue – Q-Cell,  Red – REC solar, Yellow Trina, Green -C-sun.

The data is publicly available on the link below.


So all in all the reason i am such a fan of Q-Cell… in short..  is trust..  I know I can feel comfortable that a company that has performed consistently over decades. Manufacturers come and go and many talk the talk.. Q-Cell have walked the walk and are still going strong.

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